11 04 2024

    Port of Virginia Begins "Gateway Investment Program"

    The Port of Virginia began its $1.4B Gateway Investment Program, which includes dredging and widening of the channel and six other port-related projects. The port also widened its shipping channel, which is now 1,400 feet wide in some areas, allowing for simultaneous two-way traffic of ultra-large container vessels (ULCVs) in Norfolk Harbor. Port officials estimate the wider channel will reduce the amount of time ULCVs spend berthing by up to 15%.

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    26 03 2024

      Containership Crashes into Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge

      A container ship collided with Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse during the early morning of Tuesday, March 26th. The Singapore-flagged cargo ship named Dali had been traveling at about 8 knots (9 miles per hour). Before the collision, the ship’s crew notified authorities that the vessel had lost power, with the “mayday” signal allowing Maryland Transportation Authority Police on the highway above to prevent many cars from driving onto the bridge just before the catastrophe.

      Image: Mandel Ngan, AFP via Getty Images 

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      19 03 2024

      • Wall Street Journal

      OCEAN Alliance Renewed Through 2032

      Cosco Shipping, CMA CGM, Evergreen Marine, and Orient Overseas Container Line, agreed to continue sharing ship capacity through 2032 under the OCEAN Alliance pact. Launched in 2017, OCEAN Alliance is the world’s largest operational shipping network and the backbone of many trade routes in international commerce. The agreement was originally set to expire in 2027.  

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      16 03 2024

        U.S. Government Targets Supply Chain Cybersecurity

        On 21 February ‘24, the Biden Administration released an executive order giving the Coast Guard the authority to control the movement of vessels suspected of being cyberthreats to U.S. maritime infrastructure, along with the authority to inspect suspicious vessels and facilities.  


        China’s Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC) has built up a dominant position in the supply of ship-to-shore (STS) cranes this century, with a global market share of around 80%. Owners or operators of Chinese-manufactured STS container gantry cranes will be subject to new requirements aimed at reducing China’s ability to spy on America’s domestic supply chains. By design, STS cranes may be controlled, serviced, and programmed from remote locations, making them highly vulnerable to exploitation. 

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        04 03 2024

        • Bloomberg
        • International Railway Journal
        • Maritime Executive

        Africa's Lobito Corridor Attracts Foreign Investment & Competition

        • China recently proposed a USD $1B upgrade of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority’s 1067mm-gauge line from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia. This particular area of Zambia is a nutrient-rich “copper belt,” which may explain China’s support. 
        • The U.S government recently confirmed financial support for the re-development of the 1744km Lobito Corridor, with the ambitious plan spanning three countries (Zambia, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo).
        • Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema said the U.S.-backed project to connect Zambia’s copper mines to Angola’s port offers the nation a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity.  

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        01 03 2024

        • International Railway Journal

        Australia Publishes Rail Network 2040 Plan

        Australia’s government published a technical draft of the country’s Rail Network 2040 plan. The country’s strategy focuses on a modal shift towards rail while also proposing 67 rail development projects with a total cost of €26B.  

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