Automotive & Mobility

Service-oriented global auto logistics solutions with expertise in distinct automotive markets.

Industries we serve

Car Manufacturers & Parts Suppliers 

Vintage Cars & Motorsports Teams


OIA’s experience within the automotive and mobility industry is comprehensive: high-end car manufacturers, motorsports and race teams, parts suppliers, prototype departments at the original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), car dealerships, and even the vintage car industry

Our dedicated automotive and mobility team elicits operational excellence by delivering service-oriented solutions with high service standards while still balancing costs. OIA’s expertise in this realm extends beyond just automotive supply chain management as we recognize that many just-in-time (JIT) manufacturers are also heavily dependent upon reliable pickup and delivery.

Within OIA’s automotive supply chain management segment, operations personnel conduct extensive load planning, factoring in the cargo weight and dimensions, the delivery route, vehicle and container size restrictions, as well as government regulations and the customer’s requested accommodations. We’ve worked to build strong customer-centric values as a company, which allows us to constantly reinvent ourselves and find innovative auto logistics solutions when it appears there aren’t any. A dedicated team of global auto logistics experts will ensure quality as they design customized automotive and mobility solutions.

Notably, car sizes continue to grow, so over time it will become harder to load modern cars into ocean containers using traditional methods. OIA’s automotive and mobility team is staying prescient by learning the technical capabilities that will be needed in the constantly evolving global auto logistics market.

  • Comprehensive automotive supply chain management
  • Expertise in different markets (luxury, EVs, vintage, etc.)
  • Ship entire vehicles and/or individual parts
  • Onsite supervision of critical loads
  • Confidentiality: secure, enclosed transportation on a door-to-door basis
  • Prototypes for original equipment manufacturer (OEMs)
  • Just in time (JIT) deliveries
  • Charters

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