Transport high-value shipments with an electronics logistics partner that offers dedicated account management, high adaptability, and strong air freight purchasing power.

Industries we serve

Crypto & Data Mining

Telecommunications & Cloud Computing

Home Appliances & Personal Devices 

Semiconductors & Microchips

OIA Global combines offices in 25+ countries and strategically selected agent partners to create a tightly connected but flexible network with a truly global scope. 

This inherent flexibility has become increasingly critical within the electronics supply chain, especially in emerging industries like the cloud computing supply chain and the data mining supply chain. Our team understands that electronics logistics, particularly crypto logistics and the data mining supply chain, requires seamless door-to-door service with exceptional care during transport.

We’ve built strong customer-centric values as a company, which allows us to constantly reinvent ourselves and find innovative solutions when it appears there aren’t any. For example, we can leverage strong purchasing power in the air freight market to secure cargo space quickly or adapt to price volatility. Or, if disruption occurs, we can pivot to identify alternate routes and provide additional service options. At OIA, a dedicated account management team of tenured electronics logistics specialists will act as your trusted advisor, focusing solely on your specific objectives. Any medium sized customer would have a VIP account at OIA, which is not likely for the world’s other leading freight forwarders.

Additionally, OIA offers 4th party logistics (4PL) supply chain orchestration, packaging design, and raw materials management. Throughout the world our personnel remain innovative and adaptive, providing your business with a dedicated electronics supply chain partner wherever your business may operate.

  • Real-time shipment visibility throughout the journey  
  • Dedicated account management for crypto logistics  
  • Blockchain track and trace  
  • Adaptability amidst disruption or rate fluctuations  
  • End-to-end supply chain services (air, ocean, intermodal, etc.)  

It’s time to do more with your supply chain.