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Supply Chain Risk Management

Risk management remains critical because unforeseen events regularly impact global supply chains, ranging from natural disasters to geopolitical conflicts.

26 September 2023

Risk Management

Importers and exporters often face many of the same issues: canceled services, rolling bookings, blank sailings, and port congestion, among countless other examples. A 4PL logistics partner manages your end-to-end logistics environment, mitigating risk and managing uncertainty throughout your supply chain.   

As your dedicated logistics partner, OIA Global 4PL partners with your business to understand its common logistics priorities and determine a strategic focus. If a disruption occurs, OIA’s expert customer service teams work with you to define a solution that mitigates impact.  

The 4PL team utilizes scenario planning in several ways:

  • Identifying potential risk areas
  • Visualizing how disruption may affect your supply chain
  • Developing specific action plans to solve problems as they arise

Real-time Supply Chain Visibility

Strong supply chain visibility is critical when making impactful decisions! Poor visibility limits your ability to detect emerging threats and calculate how disruption may unfold across different business segments.

OIA Global 4PL leverages a cloud-based technology platform—powered by Orkestra—to aggregate data from all your integrated supply chain partners and technology applications. The platform delivers detailed insights on shipments and event statuses, giving your business real-time visibility through a single comprehensive source. The platform’s technical architecture also elicits customization and control, allowing users to leverage the tool however it best satisfies their needs.

Business Continuity Mitigates Supply Chain Risk

OIA Global 4PL leverages prescriptive analytics to analyze and predict future scenarios. Prescient insights ensure your company is aware of potential disruptions, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that mitigate issues when they occur. We also leverage past market experiences and systems capabilities—spot quotes, tender management, etc.—to provide you with options during each shipment booking. The 4PL team then communicates these strategies to customers via different regional control towers worldwide.

Procurement & Vendor Management

An intelligent procurement system mitigates supply chain risk significantly, but we understand procurement is a sensitive issue and that many companies want to facilitate it themself. Either way, OIA Global 4PL is well-positioned to help in several ways:

  • Facilitating the logistics tender process
  • Providing spot quotes for new lanes or single shipments
  • Supporting out-of-contract requirements by searching for options that meet the proposed requirements
  • Collecting and organizing real-time data via advanced technology solutions

A 4PL modifies how you spread risk throughout your supply chain and adapts the procurement model as needed. Overall, a strong vendor management process will implement the right systems and metrics, with procurement capacity often being based on market fluctuations.


OIA Global’s Procurement Policy

As a non-asset-based company, OIA Global partners with more than 500 vendors to move cargo around the world. Our formal procurement policy helps qualify potential subcontractors and transportation vendors to ensure they align with OIA Global’s sustainability strategies, with candidates being screened on these criteria:

  • Their established sustainability strategy
  • Participation in sustainability-focused work groups
  • Business practices that promote decarbonization, data security, and diversity.

We recognize our responsibility within the marketplace which is why we incentivize vendors with responsible and sustainable businesses practices whenever possible.

Prepared for unforeseen disruption?

A 4PL logistics partner will analyze your supply chain risk.