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Strategic Supply Chain Design

Logistics Tech Outlook magazine asked Natasha Rich to write an article about a topic of her choice.

9 October 2023

Busy port and containers with a headshot of the article’s author and the Logistics Tech Outlook logo in front.

A huge thank you to Logistics Tech Outlook magazine for featuring OIA Global’s very own Natasha Rich! Natasha currently serves as Manager, Supply Chain Operations, where she leads a team of specialists focused on procurement, logistics, inventory management, and warehouse distribution.

“Operations is the central hub for the Supply Chain Management (SCM) team because we foster collaboration with other departments and facilitate smooth project launches. We work to address inquiries and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring that customers consistently receive top-tier service,” Natasha explained.  

Logistics Tech Outlook regularly asks industry leaders to share their viewpoints about emerging supply chain trends and to provide guidance based on their past experiences. Natasha was given <1,000 words to write about an important topic of her choice. In the article, Natasha details how careful, prescient, strategic supply chain design can benefit a business and its end customers in multiple ways.  


  • Proactive inventory management helps control cost expenditures because idle inventory often incurs unnecessary storage costs.  
  • Many consumers now expect free shipping, so incorporating shipping costs into the overall product expenses has become critical.  
  • Pre-launch contingency plans protect products during unforeseen disruption. 
  • Smooth, timely delivery ensures that a brand’s reputation isn’t tarnished. 


We encourage you to read the full article!