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OIA Global 4PL Introduces New, Supply Chain Orchestration Platform

OIA Global 4PL has launched a new technology platform, powered by Orkestra, to enhance its supply chain management service offering.

22 June 2023

Mac computer and mobile phone showing dashboards of 4PL powered by orkestra supply chain orchestration.

OIA Global 4PL has launched a new technology platform, powered by Orkestra, to enhance its end-to-end supply chain management service offering. OIA’s 4PL team provides complete supply chain orchestration by continuously monitoring your freight movements, anticipating disruption, and capturing opportunities for intervention. This data is also used to refine and optimize your supply chain, allowing your business to unlock competitive advantages.

Disconnected, global collaborators often rely on different data sources when answering some of the most important questions, such as “Where are my shipments at this exact moment? or “Who should I contact for this shipment?”

Full digitalization will remove this inherent complexity from your logistics operations and consolidate your different data sources to create a single source of truth. Imagine if your logistics operations were managed by a single dedicated business partner who assumed full responsibility for your supply chain performance. That’s what we do.


Are you experiencing any of these supply chain challenges?

  • Lack of end-to-end visibility  
  • Siloed, disconnected data sources (spreadsheets, manual tracking, etc.) 
  • Slow deployment of new technology platforms  
  • Reactive, not proactive teams  

4PL Solutions & Impact

  • Manage key milestones from manufacturing to delivery
  • Cost savings via improved route planning and/or maximized capacity
  • A reduction in total freight costs
  • Set customized business rules for how orders and shipments are booked, shipped, and delivered
  • Simulate scenarios with specific parameters: volume, locations, inventory, personnel, etc.
  • Stay prepared for the unexpected
  • Increase your products’ speed to market

Advanced Integrations Elicit Digitalization

Accurate, real-time data helps your business adapt to new expectations while also increasing lead generation and eliciting retention. We can also integrate with customers’ enterprise resource planning (ERP), order management systems (OMS), transportation management systems (TMS), or warehouse management systems (WMS).

OIA Global 4PL leverages a cloud-based technology platform that aggregates data from all your integrated supply chain partners and technology applications:

  • Suppliers
  • Carriers (MSC, Maersk, etc.)
  • Operating systems (ERP, TMS, etc.)
  • Visibility platforms (P44, FourKites, etc.)
  • Freight forwarders
  • Other entities (customs brokers, for example)

Importantly, digitalization of your supply chains can occur in just a few weeks, much faster than a traditional TMS or WMS deployment. The 4PL team will work with your key partners to establish the necessary data integrations.

A digital transformation occurs whenever organizations embed new and effective digital technologies throughout their operations. At OIA Global 4PL, we create supply chain orchestration by harmonizing systems, processes, and people, ensuring that all stakeholders remain aligned with established business processes, key performance indicators (KPIs), and strategic objectives. OIA also functions in a completely neutral position specifically to enhance your business capabilities

Ready to start your digital transformation?