Raw Material Management

Optimizing the allocation and delivery of raw materials via reporting and order automation

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We’re drastically reducing lead times for raw material transport to help global brands adapt quickly to changes in consumer behavior

We have the resources, network, and most critically, the technology to increase your speed to market. We leverage scalable order management technology to help brands reduce material lead times and respond quickly to consumer demand. Specializing in raw material management for athletic and footwear brands, we have experience sourcing canvas, leathers, yarns, laces, polymers, and much more.

Building an efficient yet ethical supply chain on your own is incredibly challenging. We ensure that production issues don’t make it to retail while providing your business with enhanced visibility of order allocations. For example, if one of your vendors loses an established pipeline for a specific material, we mitigate that issue by either reallocating the order to another vendor or finding an alternate supply source.

  • Operating in compliance with your sourcing standards
  • Never run low on high-demand production materials
  • Enhanced flexibility when entering or exiting markets
  • Automated and responsive material order management
  • Data-driven solutions to adapt quickly to consumer behavior

It’s time to do more with your supply chain!