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OIA Global Shines Bright: Winning the Oregon Consular Corps Trade Award

Receiving the prestigious Oregon Trade Award from the Oregon Consular Corps is an honorable recognition that solidifies OIA Global's position as an industry leader in international trade.

18 July 2023

trade award

OIA Global employees at the Celebrate Trade gala.

Oregon exports more than $28 billion in goods annually

The Oregon Consular Corps (OCC) is an organization of career and honorary consular officials who serve or have served as representatives of foreign nations and jurisdictions in Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest. The OCC supports Oregon’s thriving trade-based economy and has propelled local businesses to reach unprecedented heights. With OCC support, Oregon businesses have expanded their markets globally and showcased their prowess on the international stage.

Presently, 505,700 Oregon jobs are supported by international trade, and one in every five manufacturing jobs in Oregon is tied to exports. Additionally, Oregon exported $28 billion worth of goods in 2019, representing 12% of the state’s GDP over the past decade. These figures demonstrate the pivotal role of global trade in sustaining local employment and economic growth. Oregon’s reach extends far and wide as it engages in trade partnerships with nearly 150 countries worldwide.

OIA Global receives prestigious trade award

Among many distinguished Oregonian businesses, OIA Global is honored to be recognized by the Oregon Consular Corps as a trailblazer in supply chain management.

CEO Jeff Barrie accepts Trade Award from Oregon Consular Corps

Receiving the prestigious Oregon Trade Award solidifies our position as industry leaders and our dedication to international trade.

“OIA Global is a Portland-based global supply chain company supporting more than 300 companies and 315 employees in Oregon. This award truly validates the work of our employees and the progress of our company. I want to take this opportunity to thank our employees who make OIA Global shine so bright.”
Jeff Barrie, CEO

Representatives from 21 nations attended Celebrate Trade

Approximately 500 people gathered to honor exceptional scholars, commend outstanding companies, and raise funds for scholarships. Celebrate Trade hosts representatives from an impressive 21 nations, emphasizing the vital support these countries lend to international trade.

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek and Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler attended to speak about the future of trade in Oregon. Esteemed figures such as Steve Bloom, CEO of the Portland Japanese Garden, Jorge Casimiro, Nike’s Vice President of Public Policy & Social Impact and President of the Nike Foundation, Roberto Velasco Alvarez, Chief Officer for North America at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Curtis Robinhold, Executive Director of the Port of Portland, also added to the gala’s speakers.

Oregon Consular Corps Celebrate Trade Gala

The evening’s entertainment was nothing short of spectacular: attendees reveled in performances by the captivating White Lotus Lion Dance Group and singer Edna Vasquez. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, old acquaintances reconnected, and new connections blossomed. OIA’s team valued having another opportunity to nurture meaningful relationships within the international trade community.

“The Celebrate Trade Gala in Portland was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to see friends and colleagues from our local logistics community. It was also a good opportunity to discuss some critical new topics, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel and decarbonizing logistics. I felt a great sense of pride standing amongst the OIA leadership team and being recognized for our exceptional work in international trade.”
Matt Crouch, Director of Sustainability

Unquestionably, the Celebrate Trade gala serves as a powerful reminder of the region’s immense potential. By leveraging strengths and embracing global trade opportunities, Oregon’s businesses are charting a course toward sustainable growth and prosperity. OIA Global remains committed to optimizing trade processes, streamlining supply chains, and delivering exceptional service in Oregon and beyond.

Supporting Oregon Consular Corps scholars

The Celebrate Trade gala is a fundraising event for the Oregon Consular Corps Scholarship Fund, an Oregon nonprofit corporation established to provide scholarships for junior and senior students in international studies at participating Oregon universities and colleges. Ten scholarships are awarded annually to meritorious students at Lewis & Clark College, Oregon State University, Portland State University, University of Oregon, and University of Portland. Beyond annual scholarships, the goal of the fund is to build an endowment to support scholarships into the future for an expanded student population.