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Achieving 5-Star Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

(Portland, OR) - Ensure that customers receive products as quickly as possible while creating new opportunities for engagement.

9 June 2017

Warehouse boxes and crates stacked high.

Omnichannel order fulfillment has traditionally required only three service attributes: speed, cost, and quality. What happens when you add connection and differentiation into the mix? We discuss it really takes to achieve 5-star omnichannel fulfillment in a world of constantly evolving supply chains and increased consumer expectations.

Historically, warehousing and distribution excellence has been defined by the speed to fulfill customer orders, the cost of fulfillment, and service accuracy. Smaller online retailers are feeling the economic pinch as competitors like Amazon shrink the gap between order placement and order delivery, and wholesalers.

OIA has taken the traditional definition of warehousing and distribution and evolved the service we provide to OIA omnichannel customers by adding two new service attributes: connection and differentiation. OIA’s new standard results in fast, cost-effective error-free service, creating engaging brand experiences that help you stand out from the competition. OIA works strategically with each omnichannel client to leverage these two new service attributes and achieve 5-star fulfillment status.

Enabling More Brand-Customer Connections

Shipping a product directly to your customer creates a high-value opportunity for your brand to connect with that customer. When a customer receives their product, you, as the brand, have 100% of their attention immediately. Taking advantage of this opportunity can result in increased customer engagement, enhanced brand awareness, and repeat business.

OIA works closely with each client to develop an exceptional, memorable, and actionable consumer connection. Product packaging, customized shipping mediums, customer-driven inserts, and other calls-to-action within the product packaging are just a few examples of how OIA omnichannel order fulfillment will enhance your unique end-consumer connection.

Differentiation from Start to Finish

The modern retail omnichannel landscape requires brands to differentiate themselves from the competition in new ways. You can be sure that if you don’t make the first move, your competition will. OIA works with brands to differentiate their service and shipping, channel offerings, and even product lines. We work with each client to identify unique fulfillment services and approaches that fit your customers, while maximizing sales and supply chain profitability.

​Find out how we can streamline your omnichannel order fulfillment processes, while maximizing brand-customer connections and minimizing costs.