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OIA Global Recognized as a ‘Top 50 Third-Party Logistics Provider’

(Portland, OR) - The list consists of companies who have a comprehensive service offering to fit the ever-adapting needs of consumers and shippers.

22 August 2017

OIA Global, a leading worldwide logistics and packaging provider, is proud to be recognized as Armstrong & Associates 2017 Top 50 Third-Party Logistics Providers in the United States. The list consists of companies who embody the following qualities:

“Adapt or Die” Mentality

For the foreseeable future, 3PLs must constantly evolve to anticipate shipper demands and keep pace with omni-channel fulfillment and disruptive technologies.

Building a Portfolio

3PLs combine market analysis, direction, maturity, and tech and innovation. They must have significant air and ocean forwarding capabilities and must provide a truly global network with a high degree of expertise in different industries.

Adapting to a Cultural Shift

Many 3PLs begin by providing deep capabilities in one major logistics service and then work to accommodate customers and shippers with more comprehensive offerings. Innovation is what drives new business, like OIA’s packaging design and optimization solutions, for example.

The ‘Amazon Concept’

An overall transformation of existing capabilities, strategies, and operations is needed to better fit the ever-adapting needs of consumers and shippers alike.

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