Packaging Design

In the world of retail packaging, effective design is everything. It both enhances a brand’s image and ensures a consistent consumer experience across the board.

Packaging not only makes or breaks a product in the cluttered retail environment, it informs every decision made throughout the supply chain. Our talented graphic design team creates aesthetically appealing packaging that delivers maximum impact. At the same time, our structural engineers focus on the form and function aspects of packaging: efficiency, cost-effectiveness, package integrity, sustainability, and compliance. Combining the “look and feel” talents of our graphic design team with the “form and function” leadership of our structural engineering group gives you the best of both worlds and results in Sales-lifting, cost-driving performance.

At OIA, innovation is in our DNA. Which is why we’re not waiting for the next big thing in packaging, we’re creating it. We see every design challenge as an opportunity to develop a breakthrough solution. A recent example is our exclusive use of a new patented protection material that broke the mold in the bike helmet category. And we’re just getting started. Using cutting-edge technology and our global network of resources, we plan to revolutionize packaging design one package at a time.