Achieve sustainability targets with retail and transit packaging solutions

Case Studies


A major importer of bicycles and apparel was experiencing fast growth, which challenged the company’s brand positioning and ability to meet sustainability goals. Market expansion required more vendors, coordination, and costly quality checks. Overall, the company needed to meet additional sustainability requirements while maintaining strong brand standards.


  • Packaging Restricted Substance List (PRSL) management
  • Redesign of retail packaging
  • Global quality program
  • Sourcing of sustainable and compliant materials
  • Management reporting


  • Enhanced quality management ensured PRSL compliance.
  • Overall improvement in brand consistency.
  • Carbon footprint reductions throughout the supply chain.
  • Brand standards were met while also achieving sustainability targets.

Vendor management and retail packaging redesign achieved a 26% reduction in packaging costs.

Is your business prepared to scale?

OIA’s packaging design solutions can reduce transportation costs and help achieve sustainability targets.