Supply Chain

Retail or transit packaging that can be transported damage-free through your supply chain is critical to your success.

Whether your product is produced domestically or internationally, OIA Global has a menu of effective supply chain solutions. We’ll partner with you to improve your product promotion, reduce the cost of your packaging and distribution as well as the size of your carbon footprint, all while improving your responsiveness to the demands of the retail environment.

When your business is growing and you need to move your products into new markets to meet customer demands, we provide solutions that are scalable to the demands of your markets.

With one point of contact, efficiencies and cost-effectiveness can be maximized up and down your supply chain, no matter where you’re doing business worldwide. Partner with OIA, and while we focus on your packaging, you’ll have more time to focus on your organization’s core business competencies.

The Total Package

OIA has extensive experience for meeting all of your packaging needs. The following are just some of the milestones we reached in 2018 servicing our global customers.

  • Managed 5,000 products across 250+ retail programs
  • Shipped over 4 billion units
  • Processed 210,000 orders
  • Worked with 45 different trading partners in 10 countries
  • Managed 1,000,000+ feet of global warehouse operations