Retail packaging redesign increases shelf space by 17 inches

Case Studies


A manufacturer of therapeutic products issued new parameters to its healthcare product suppliers, eliminating PVC clamshell packaging due to its poor environmental compliance. The new packaging needed to be shelf-ready and not pegged in the retail environment, even though retailers typically allocate product display space using PVC clamshells on a pegboard. Additionally, the clamshells could not stand upright, so excess products were being flat-stacked below the display, severely limiting space in the display area.


  • Retail packaging
  • Air & ocean transportation
  • Customs clearance
  • Packaging optimization


New, shelf-ready packaging designs were well received by retailers, and improved graphics and brand messaging also distinguished the customer’s products from competing brands.

Shelf space increased by 17 inches, creating room for 3 additional SKUs, resulting in increased revenue.

Is your packaging design effective?

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