120 tons, one vessel, one bill of lading, and a reduced carbon footprint

Case Studies


A food industry technology supplier won a contract to supply a complete processing plant for a Middle Eastern potash producer. The items were being manufactured in Central Europe and needed to be transported to the final destination. The cargo included a rotary drum exceeding 120 tons in weight and 5 meters in diameter, in addition to another 369 pieces of both in-gauge and out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo.

The challenge? Loading all in-gauge pieces into containers under one bill of lading and shipping the cargo directly to the port of discharge.


  • Vessel scheduling
  • Container leasing
  • Cargo planning & design
  • Ocean charter
  • Documentation
  • Visibility & reporting


  • All components were combined into a single shipment.
  • Leased containers allowed the customer to reduce costs and liability.
  • Since all cargo was transported on a barge, as opposed to trucks, the customer avoided carbon emissions.

The customer achieved more than $25,000 in transportation cost savings.

Transporting oversized cargo?

OIA has a dedicated team handling out-of-gauge renewable energy cargo.