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Announcing OIA’s Partnership with EPA SmartWay Transport

(Portland, Oregon) - This innovative collaboration provides a framework to assess the environmental and energy efficiency of supply chains.

1 March 2018

EPA Smartway logo containing a leaf with a road inside of it.

Improving Supply Chains’ Environmental and Energy Efficiency

OIA will contribute to the partnership’s savings of over 215 million barrels of oil and 103 million tons of air pollution (NOx, PM, and CO2), which helps protect the environment and keep our communities healthy.

Dante Fornari, EVP Global Logistics at OIA Global noted, “over 80% of our domestic US tonnage utilizes SmartWay certified carriers, enabling our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their on-going sustainability goals.”

The SmartWay membership builds on OIA’s suite of logistics and packaging optimization services designed to assist customers in reducing packaging waste, optimizing transport spend, and tracking their performance against sustainability metrics. Marc Bevilacqua, Sr. Vice President of Global Packaging noted, “when manufacturers optimize their packaging and are able to load more product into ocean containers and motor carriers, their carbon footprint is reduced substantially.” OI Global will be announcing additional sustainability services in the Fall of 2018.

About EPA SmartWay

Developed jointly in early 2003 by EPA and Charter Partners, represented by industry stakeholders, environmental groups, American Trucking Associations, and Business for Social Responsibility, this innovative program was launched in 2004. Partners rely on SmartWay tools and approaches to track and reduce emissions and fuel use from goods movement. The partnership currently has over 3,500 partners including shipper, logistics companies, truck, rail, barge, and multimodal carriers.

EPA SmartWay Media Contact

Rick Cousineau
Partner Account Manager, SSAI
T: 734.214.4687
E: cousineau.rick@epa.gov