Scalable, end-to-end logistics services for the industrial supply chain.

Industries we serve

Manufacturing Supply Chain  

Heavy Equipment Transport 

Industrial Warehousing & Distribution 

Industrial logistics are often very technical, requiring careful execution and high levels of accuracy during transportation. At OIA, we develop innovative logistics solutions for the industrial supply chain, including machinery and mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, building materials, and much more. 

We also support the manufacturing supply chain by facilitating storage and transportation services between different suppliers, manufacturers, and projects, helping customers stay ready in dynamic market conditions. 

OIA provides fast and reliable spare parts delivery with full visibility throughout the journey. Our teams can sort, pack, and prepare industrial components for production lines, sub-assemblies, aftermarket vendors, or end customers. Comprehensive order and inventory management also ensures maximum availability for the production lines’ various processes. 

Data-driven solutions allow OIA to adapt to consumer behavior quickly! OIA Global offers end-to-end cargo track and trace through an electronic suite of supply chain visibility tools, led by our award-winning product OIA Connect. Connect is a real-time, easy-to-use cargo tracking tool that links all the various touchpoints in your supply chain: suppliers, carriers, customs authorities, and final customers. We have the resources, network, and most critically, the technology to increase your speed to market.   

With a global reach and local expertise, OIA can scale its industrial logistics solutions to align with your expected business growth.

  • Time definite, same-day or next-day deliveries.  
  • Integrations between different data systems, personnel teams, and workflow processes.  
  • Secure storage and safe handling of highly valuable or sensitive industrial products.  
  • Spare parts supply for maintenance and repair.  
  • Warehouse automation via alternative operating plans 
  • Inventory management and industrial distribution.  
  • Heavy equipment transport with comprehensive shipment visibility throughout the journey.  
  • Assembly and kitting to prepare components for the next production phase.  

It’s time to do more with your supply chain.