Customized Logistics Services

When it comes to fashion logistics, an off-the-rack, one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.  Imports, exports, warehousing, Garment on Hanger (GOH), quality inspection, tagging, and distribution are just some of the solutions we provide ensuring your products find their way to boutiques, big box, and department stores worldwide.  Our Fashion Team has the collective experience and know-how to custom tailor a supply chain solution that will fit your exact needs.  And we do this by listening, understanding, and providing precise timelines and daily updates so you never have to worry.  Find your supply chain solution...

Garments on Hanger (GOH)

An estimated 35 billion plastic retail hangers are sent to the landfill every year, in large part due to one-use plastic GOH hangers.  We are renowned for our innovation and experience in Garment On Hanger (GOH) transportation and our award-winning transport systems protect your garments all the way to the shop floor while reducing your cost and carbon footprint.  Learn More...

Perfection Planned

OIA Global is a mid-sized, asset-light, logistics and packaging partner that works with some of the best-known premium brands in the world.  Whether it's a show-stopping sample from Italy or a huge clothing consignment from China, we can develop a plan to ensure your garments arrive at their final destination on time and in perfect condition. Let us show you how our fashion team of specialists can provide you with a unique and innovative logistics and transportation solution tailored to your business.  Email the Team...


The Smart Solution for Suitsupply

When faced with exponential growth, Suitsupply needed an optimized and transparent supply chain solution to reduce their carbon footprint, improve the consistency of their branding, and most importantly, maintain the quality of their product line.