Our global team has an outstanding reputation for high-end, high-touch automotive freight forwarding with industry awards for innovation to prove it.

We work with many of the world’s top manufacturers, specialist dealerships, automotive sports teams, and collectors. Four cornerstones drive the process of our Automotive team: security, safety, speed, and sustainability. Our automotive program is larger than ever before.

Going the Extra Mile

Top car manufacturers go the extra mile when they’re producing vehicles for export, yet the threat of transit damage and subsequent claims are constantly there and disproportionately high. We are aware of this, and as a consequence, our multi-modal transit solutions reflect the same level of planning, execution, and meticulous attention to detail that our clients put into the creation of their prestigious vehicles.

Award-Winning Innovation

How do we effectively wipe out transit damage claims? We package the product safely and securely for transport. The German-engineered automotive pallet was designed exclusively for OIA Global to secure vehicles in transit. It’s a wooden platform onto which a vehicle is secured before it enters a container. Once the vehicle has been positioned onto the pallet, the warehouse team covers all four wheels with specification straps to secure the vehicle to the pallet. The process virtually eliminates the risk of human error and damage to a vehicle during the loading process.

Improved Safety, Reduced Costs

Vehicles with gull-wing doors and wide door sills, as well as particularly large vehicles, have traditionally presented shipping challenges on routes where ro-ro services aren’t available. However, with the introduction of our automotive pallet, regular ocean freight containers can be used on all routes worldwide, shipping vehicles safely while providing cost savings in excess of 40%.

Motor Shows and High-End Vehicles: OIA’s Sustainable Solution!

Our automotive pallet has been engineered to be used multiple times, which means clients can reuse the pallet at no extra cost, making this innovation the perfect solution for country-to-country motor shows for high-end vehicles. Or, clients can simply return the pallets to the point of origin and reuse them with their next outbound shipment. Along with OIA’s ISO accreditation, this is just one example of the many innovative and sustainable solutions available to our clients.


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    There and back: Vintage cars to Pebble Beach and Shanghai

    OIA's Automotive Solution
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    Circuit of the Americas: Getting 27 cars ready for a day at the races

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