Information Solutions

When an apparel manufacturer with 40 Asian suppliers, some using EDI, some XML, some fax, and some nothing, needed origin fulfillment confirmations from all 40 suppliers, OIA created a solution. When a producer of athletic equipment needed web-based delivery confirmations available to their customer service offices in eighteen global locations, OIA created a solution. When a retailer needed inventory visibility and inbound supply information interfaced into their ERP system, OIA created a solution.

These are the typical technology challenges OIA solves for clients when developing global supply chain solutions. These cornerstones drive our technology services:

  • Fast and simple implementation
  • Create actionable information
  • Ensure flexible delivery
  • Enable global visibility

OIA’s suite of services across the entire supply chain coupled with information support is critical to your success. We’ve made it a key strength to leverage technology as a strategic and tactical tool that ensures productivity, easy implementations, and low cost. Whether you need to answer a customer’s question about the delivery of a particular shipment or evaluate vendor compliance over a one-year period, OIA’s technology platform will simplify your supply chain communications.

Our foundation of efficient operations systems is supplemented with controlled data and analytical tools, allowing us to provide quality focus on customer solutions. Because we recognize the importance of systems integration, we‘ve made interface technologies and integration solutions a core competency throughout our technology environment.

The Foundations of the OIA Technology Program:


  • EDI
  • XML
  • Flat File Transfer
  • Systems Integration

Operating Systems & Visibility

  • OIA Connect
  • Standard Delivery Reports
  • Customized Milestone Reports
  • Payments and Receipts
  • Global Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Customer Portal
  • Landed Costs
  • Order Management

Compliance & Documentation

  • Importer Security Filings (ISF)
  • Automated Manifest (AMS)
  • Customs Entry Visibility
  • Electronic Claims Forms
  • POA
  • Consent to Screen
  • SLI


For freight forwarding, we operate a single global transactional system that is used by all OIA branches. This system integrates with carriers, agents, and other key partners worldwide to provide a single source of information including shipment and real-time tracking. Importer Security Filings (ISF), Automated Manifests (AMS), booking, and order entry is done online as well. Using this worldwide system we can provide full order management integration, proactive exception management with email alerts, XML, and EDI message integration to all critical parties. We also have a comprehensive tracking and reporting system, OIA Connect, enabling you to know the status of your freight and have extensive, flexible reporting and document visibility.

We operate a common Warehouse Management System (WMS) on a single, global platform for our warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment customers. Included is a suite of standard integration messages between our WMS and customer ERP systems delivering visibility, exception management, and reporting. We have extensive experience with multiple WMS systems, and can use an alternate WMS should you prefer it.


OIA provides a B2B online order fulfillment portal for clients to make the order process easy. We've developed order management and release processes to initiate a specific order, packaging design software to create the product's look and feel, XML and EDI message integration with customers to maintain informational integrity, and logistics integration with landed cost functionality so clients are provided a single source to final delivery while keeping costs down.