Organic growth in crypto logistics

Case Studies

An introductory sales call with a crypto mining company welcomed OIA Global to the world of crypto logistics. Initially, this was just a small opportunity with a mixture of less-than-truckload (LTL) and parcel moves in the U.S., but after demonstrating exceptional service, the company introduced OIA to several other leading crypto supply companies. 



Crypto logistics requires speedy miner relocation because a computer cannot calculate or conduct “mining” while it is offline or in transit. A crypto company’s ability to generate revenue is negatively impacted whenever a miner travels, making expedited transit times critical. Additionally, crypto supply companies must constantly relocate their computers into markets with more affordable energy prices and better climate conditions.  


  • Partnered with air and road carriers on specific handling requirements
  • Expedited transit times for miner equipment relocation
  • Flexible crypto transport services to meet each customer’s unique needs
  • Dedicated operational support on the ground
  • Customized reporting


  • Shorter lead times
  • High levels of accessibility during transit
  • OIA Global has already established itself within the cryptocurrency industry via organic growth.
  • Address crypto supply chain knowledge gaps with a trusted logistics partner
  • Strong adaptability amidst changing demands


OIA Global already has 15+ cryptocurrency customers in its portfolio, with extensive supply chain experience in all facets, including manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users.

Involved with cryptocurrency?

OIA knows that crypto logistics requires speedy miner relocation.