Ocean freight buyers consolidation program

Case Studies

Customer Challenge

OIA’s customer, a multinational oil and gas company, relied heavily on air freight from specific suppliers in China, leading to numerous supply chain issues and excessive freight costs. The company needed consolidation, and quickly!

  • Extremely high air freight costs
  • Unnecessary expenses related to customs clearances
  • An excessive number of shipments led to a burdensome amount of track and trace monitoring, wasting considerable time and resources.
  • Lack of control due to multiple weekly deliveries


  • Coordination of suppliers (30+ different entities)
  • Cargo consolidation at origin and destination with weekly pickups and deliveries
  • Logistics analysis and strategic implementation
  • Leadtime management and subsequent customer communication


  • Weekly FCL space allotments without commitment.
  • No negative impacts or delays amidst a heavily congested market.
  • Increased accuracy for lead time analysis.

OIA’s customized services improved port-to-port (P2P) and port-to-door (P2D) reliability by 95% and reduced freight costs by 60% as compared to air freight.

Important context: The key performance indicators (KPIs) typically used for origin pick-ups are not salient during an ocean consolidation because different suppliers can send materials on different days. Metrics for P2P and P2D transit times are better at showing how a logistics partner delivers value.

Need consolidation?  

OIA’s solutions can reduce freight costs and improve lead time analysis.