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Airspace closures across the Middle East

Recent tensions between Israel and Iran have led to the closure of airspace in the Middle East, impacting carriers, and prompting our proactive monitoring and assistance to customers.

18 April 2024

We want to inform you about recent developments regarding airspace closures in the Middle East that may impact your shipments.

Last weekend, tensions between Israel and Iran escalated following a drone attack launched by Iran. While the attack was intercepted swiftly, ongoing military activity in the region has led to the closure of airspace in Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon.

As a result, several carriers have reported service disruptions, including:

  • Lufthansa Group (including Swiss and Austrian)
  • Qantas
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Emirates (due to flooding in Dubai)

We’re diligently monitoring air freight bookings to and from Asia, transiting via Europe or the Middle East, to keep you informed about any potential impacts. We’re proactively reaching out to impacted customers to assist them in navigating their options.

Our commitment remains as we closely observe the situation and promptly deliver updates as needed. Your understanding is greatly appreciated during this period, and we encourage you to contact your dedicated OIA representative for anything urgent.