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Todd Earls Joins as Chief Information Officer

Todd Earls has joined OIA Global to lead the IT department as Chief Information Officer (CIO). 

27 February 2023

Todd Earls headshot and title information.

OIA must continually find ways to reinvest and fuel growth amidst an increasingly competitive environment, and Todd joins the organization with 25+ years of experience in developing and driving IT solutions for enterprise organizations. The IT department is uniquely positioned to help since it can leverage technology that improves both customers’ and employees’ experiences 

“The supply chain industry is quickly advancing, and new innovative technologies will provide OIA with many exciting opportunities. Our IT team will establish and build strong relationships to better understand employees’ and customers’ strategies, needs, and end goals. There is nothing more gratifying than helping my team develop their careers and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. I’m driven by collaboration and using technology to make others’ lives simpler and more efficient,” Todd said.

Overall, OIA intends to make forward-looking investments in automation while advancing its integration capabilities and enhancing its customers’ digital experience. Todd provides exactly what the company needs: a passion for building highly collaborative teams to tackle complex global challenges via transformative solutions. His skillset accelerates the IT department’s evolution as it works to become a true data-driven business partner.