Transporting green energy infrastructure around the world

Case Studies

OIA Global worked closely with several renewable energy wind factories to transport different types of components, including blade molds and other raw materials. OIA’s personnel coordinated inbound shipments from suppliers and their factories before moving the green energy items to different sites around the world. To facilitate such complex movements, different operations teams maintained direct contact with the factorieslogistics, procurement, and fulfillment teams throughout the journey.  



OIA’s customer had to move 100 tons of green energy equipment via air, and within 30 days! The items were needed for a new blade construction project and required transportation amidst peak season for outbound shipments from China.

  • High freight costs during China’s outbound peak season: air standard (splits) and air charter costs were between USD $450K and 750K.


  • OIA conceived a sprint dock-to-dock solution via FCL ocean freight, with guaranteed services for 6 x 20’ general-purpose containers, all within 25 days.
  • Transportation of critical green energy components: HUBs, bed plates, gearboxes, generator frames, pitch and yaw bearings, C-Class components, etc.


The customer saved 4.5x-7x in total freight costs as compared to standard air charters.

The customer was spending $450K-$700K on air freight services and reduced their total transportation costs to around $100K when using OIA's solution.

Working with renewable energy systems?

Alternative energy sources often require complex logistics solutions.