Packaging optimization helps retail customer achieve 17% in cost and emissions savings

Case Studies

Customer challenge

Levi’s goal was to achieve a 40% absolute reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across their supply chain and to optimize ocean container space for more efficient shipping.

Our solution

  • Packaging optimization study
  • Logistics optimization study
  • Pilot test proposed solutions
  • Implement savings strategies
  • Recurring sustainability reporting

The customer achieved $3.96 million in supply chain cost savings and avoided 2,538 metric tons of C02e emissions in just one year.

Customer benefits

  • Eliminated 775 trucks needed for transportation in one year.
  • Reduced distribution center storage space needed by 17%.
  • Achieved 9% savings in packaging fiber.
  • Reduced container space needed by 17%.
  • Emissions were eliminated by 17%.

Do you have sustainability targets?

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