Multimodal Logistics Solution for Time Critical Freight

Case Studies

  • Cargo with significant securement restrictions.  
  • Time critical freight delivery requirements.
  • Significant risk of delay if transported solely via road freight using the same trailer.

  • Multimodal logistics solution: truck > ferry > barge > truck again.
  • Worked with the customer, the truckers, and the marine warranty surveyors to develop a suitable lashing and securement plan for the cargo.
  • Generator transportation
  • Identified and secured the right barge at the right time.
  • Received cargo at the barge terminal.

  • Fastest possible delivery for time-critical freight.
  • Flexibility due to OIA’s multimodal logistics capabilities during mainland European transport.
  • Avoided heavy cargo road restrictions, thus mitigating the risk of delays.

Cargo specifications: one massive 84,300 kg generator rotor measuring 1,417 cm (length) x 200 cm (width) x 200 cm (height).

Need options?  

OIA offers multimodal logistics, giving you flexibility during transport.