Transporting 1,145 metric tons through the desert

Case Studies

Customer challenge

Our customer was faced with transporting 372 pieces of oil and gas equipment, many of which were heavy and oversized. The customer required extensive planning and surveying of the proposed transit route to ensure timely completion and avoid potential issues during transit.

Our solution

  • Complete route survey
  • Route planning and permit applications
  • Clearance from all local authorities obtained in advance
  • Transportation management
  • Documentation
  • Escorts and convoy

One desert. A disappearing road. 1,145 metric tons. No problem.

Customer benefits

OIA facilitated transportation from Italy to a drilling site in Uzbekistan through the Volga-Don canal in Russia and the port of Turkmenbashi in Turkmenistan. Our intimate knowledge of the project’s transportation route proved invaluable and ensured that progress was kept on schedule. Several potential disasters were avoided thanks to the team’s extraordinary attention to detail and due diligence.

Transporting heavy or oversized items?

OIA has previously shipped massive rotors, turbines, planes, armatures, and even an entire museum exhibit.