DeWalt’s point of purchase retail display solution

Case Studies

DeWalt, a leading outdoor footwear and apparel company, had to execute a wide-ranging point of purchase (POP) program for almost 5,000 retail store displays. These thousands of “POP displays” needed to arrive at different Home Depot and Lowe’s stores throughout the U.S. at the same time, and the apparel required timely packaging and shipping to meet both retailers’ tight deadlines.

Great cross-collaboration enabled this project’s success as it impacted many different OIA Global business segments: packaging design, logistics, and warehousing and distribution.

  • OIA’s Los Angeles branch identified ocean freight transport solutions to import the garments from Bangladesh, facilitating the necessary customs clearances until door delivery.
  • OIA’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) segment created the 5,000 “POP displays” in China and handled their subsequent transportation across the Pacific.
  • OIA’s contract logistics team received, built, and packaged the displays based on the DeWalt team’s shipment instructions.
  • Considerable improvements in aesthetic appearance for in-store customers
  • Stronger materials and construction improved the displays’ long-term usability and re-usability
  • More efficient design saved retail floor space

Different OIA business segments across multiple regions collaborated to build, transport, and install 5,000 POP displays at retail stores across the U.S. To date, OIA has completed more than 5,750 cases across 6 separate product runs.

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