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Healthcare logistics services with specialized care and strict compliance.

Industries we serve

Cold Chain Transportation

Medical Device Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Logistics  

OIA Global’s experience in the healthcare industry includes pharma logistics, healthcare equipment, medical technology, therapeutics, diagnostics and consumables, nutritional supplements, cold chain transportation and the medical device supply chain. 

On-time delivery remains critical in pharmaceutical and healthcare logistics as just a few hours of delay can completely ruin a product or cost a patient their life. At OIA, we take this responsibility extremely seriously, recognizing that strong customs brokerage services enable smooth and timely cross-border transportation. Our personnel adapt to the constantly evolving regulatory landscape to ensure that internal quality standards remain aligned with the highest levels of compliance. We help healthcare customers overcome potential regulatory penalties, administrative burdens, and transport delays. 

Importantly, OIA’s healthcare logistics solutions can impact the medical field from pre-clinical trial to full commercialization. OIA offers specialized warehousing and distribution services, with commodity-specific solutions that are tailored to cold chain transportation. We also regularly transport products within the medical device supply chain, supporting a new generation of life sciences and healthcare services.  

OIA develops a holistic view of your supply chain and a deep understanding of your systems. We start by conducting an in-depth analysis to gather data and then identify unique opportunities for improvement. Throughout the world OIA remains innovative and adaptive, providing your business with a trusted supply chain partner wherever it operates.

  • Extensive intermodal options  
  • Break bulk & chemical distribution  
  • Cold chain transportation (temperature-sensitive shipments)  
  • Stock management  
  • Real-time inventory updates  

It’s time to do more with your supply chain.