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GOH Technology Provides All-In-One Retail Solution

(Portland, OR) - Ditto Smart Hangers is a collaboration between OIA, Digimarc Corporation, and Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions.

11 January 2018

Ditto smart hanger technology example.

Ushering in a New Era of Operational Efficiency, Marketing, and Sustainability

By seamlessly adding an imperceptible Digimarc Barcode to the Ditto hanger, a new era of retail opportunities is created.

Ditto Smart Hangers can record real-time product tracking, reduce carbon footprints, improve product security, and provide customers with access to brand-generated content. Download the Digimarc Discover App and scan the Ditto Smart Hanger with your smartphone to discover how this technology works.

Ditto’s customizable hangers also allow retail companies to replace plastic hangers with those made from 100% recycled fiberboard. More efficient garment-packing means reduced shipping, labor, and warehouse costs, up to 20% savings across the entire supply chain. Further unlock profits and protect our planet by recycling fiberboard hangers at the retail counter, instead of dumping traditional plastic hangers in the landfill.

Contact OIA Global for a free Ditto Smart Hanger sample. You may also see the hangers in action at Digimarc Booth #2875 at the 2018 NRF Show in New York City, Jan 14 – 16.