The real-time, easy-to-use tool connecting all the dots in your supply chain.

The real-time, easy-to-use tool connecting
all the dots in your supply chain.

How OIA Connect helps your business video

Walk through the platform key features


First and foremost, OIA Connect is a delight to use. Its simple and clean user interface means that you will be up and running in no time.
If you can Google you can Connect.

You will find everything in one place; shipment information, documents, status updates and activity logs are all within one click.

We can get everyone working together, suppliers, carriers, customers –
Piece of cake.



OIA Connect brings together all your supply chain activities in one place. Banish email ping-pong. Create a single platform for all your stakeholders. Bring clarity to previously murky waters.

  • Decisions


    Take your decisions online. In doing so, you will convert cumbersome manual processes into elegant automatic communicate-decide. Never miss a deadline again

  • Create custom views

    Create custom views

    Need to bring visibility to a department, overseas office, a customer or a supplier? Everyone wants unique critical business information and you can use OIA to give them exactly what they need – and only that – in real-time. Then use ”Decisions“ to create workflow efficiencies you could only dream of in the past.

  • Make SOP’s come alive

    Make SOP’s come alive

    Standard Operating Procedures are a necessity of life, but hard to love. Use OIA Connect to convert them into a smart business knowledge tool, enabling everyone to deliver on their objectives.

  • Export and analyze

    Export and analyze

    All the data in OIA Connect is yours. So export it to Excel for deeper analysis and insights. Or link your internal systems directly to the OIA Connect and automate your analysis and reporting.


Need to speed up the approval process when releasing orders? Need to gather essential information from a remote warehouse? Need to make sure your distributor is automatically alerted when orders are customs cleared?

Making the dominoes fall in the right order at the right time is a challenge for every company.

OIA Connect's Decisions and Workflow engine allow us to create customized next-step scenarios to overcome the communication disconnects and bottlenecks associated with collaboration across multiple companies and partners.

OIA Connect brings robust reliability to your entire supply chain workflow.


Combine data from your own systems with OIA data and from other partners for single pan visibility.

Tired of long EDI projects? Push your data into OIA Connect and open up a new world of insights.

Use this new visibility to save time and money while creating efficiencies on a scale which simply wasn't possible before. OIA Connect is also the ideal platform for storing and sharing all your documents.


OIA Connect is a game changer. With all the information available in one place we can help you make well-informed strategic decisions. We call this Business IQ. These new insights enable your business to achieve cost savings through accumulation of marginal gains on a scale which simply was not possible in the old world of logistics.

Getting started is easy.
Our team is ready to walk you through the easy steps to implementation of OIA Connect!

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