Our Approach

OIA has a completely different vision of supply chain effectiveness. Why? Because our goal is clear: to bring your product to life and to market in the most efficient way possible!

Whether we are:

  • consolidating your purchase orders in China
  • designing your retail packaging for its primary purpose: sales
  • or optimizing your packaging for lowest cost per unit transportation

OIA isn't just breaking the mold, we are shattering it.

Most brands focus on their supply chain through the management of transportation and distribution of goods from factory to consumer. But with OIA’s help, you can take a different approach and redefine what we believe is the true beginning of the supply chain.

We do this by focusing on your product, your market, and asking some simple questions: What happens “upstream?” Are you optimizing finished goods transport packaging to achieve the lowest possible landed cost per unit? Does your retail packaging protect your brand; does it protect and fit your product, and is it sustainable?

Focusing on your product and its life cycle, we combine our logistics expertise with retail packaging and optimization. We truly begin at the beginning, maximizing efficiencies every step of the way.