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Wild Canyon Games 2014

(Portland, OR) - WCG is a non-profit organization founded in 2008, ll proceeds raised go to support local youth charities.

18 June 2014

Over the weekend of May 30th, OIA Global sponsored two teams for a weekend of team building and networking by participating in the Wild Canyon Games (WCG). WCG is a non-profit organization founded in 2008. All proceeds raised go to support youth charities including: Oregon Active, Young Life, The Bald Faced Truth, and Madras High School Track & Field. In just five years, WCG has donated over 1.2 million dollars in support of youth and sport.

The Wild Canyon Games is designed to require individuals to break through physical and emotional barriers as a team by competing in an extreme adventure race. At WCG, participants are able to improve communication, collaboration, and strategy together.

This event was a huge success for teams OIA Global 1 & 2!

OIA branch employees posing in a group photo.

Participants from top left: Toni Chan, Clay Cavanaugh, Timarie Mikolasek, Tyler Wilson, Tim Cathcart, John “Doak” Kimball, James Culver. Seated from left: Mitch Sayre, Matt Crouch, April Navarro, Melanie Lee, Tami Sawyer, Kathy Beard, Kit Wagner.