Color Management

One of the most recognizable characteristics of brand identity is color.

Consumers often have a strong and positive association with a brand based on color. They can spot a counterfeit a mile away. So when a company spends both time and money investing in a strong brand identity, it makes good business sense to protect it. That’s where color management comes in.

OIA is obsessive when it comes to color consistency in packaging. Our color management specialists are hands-on, every step of the way throughout the printing process.

We establish strict standards for set-up at the factory, standards for colors, ink, substrate, and equipment—everything involved in the printing process. We personally supervise the draw down process, managing the production ink, substrate, equipment, and factory. We record analytical and numerical recordings and set standards for production testing and compliance reporting. And finally, not a single package leaves the factory floor until the client, the factory and the OIA team gives final approval and sign-off.

What’s more, OIA takes the guesswork out of the process, with state-of-the-art tools like the X-rite 939 Spectrophotometer that reads and records the color on the press, and the S-Rite Judge II Light Booth that ensures lighting is set at the proper level for visual inspections. So with OIA’s color management, you know Pantone color 4334 is Pantone color 4334 every time.