Supply Chain Management

International companies have to flexibly enter and exit global markets and the bigger you are, the more complex it is to manage the quality, delivery, and price of your packaging.

A global network with a supplier base of packaging raw materials and people with the intellectual skill sets to execute an optimization program is critical. OIA Global understands this challenge. Our metrics based supply chain solutions are designed exclusively to simplify the process through our extensive network of qualified manufacturing partners. The days of endless emails, late night or early morning phone calls, long overseas trips and waiting for samples are over. OIA will ensure you are getting exactly what is required. Partnering with OIA will give you, and your suppliers a globally managed program and deliver flexibility using an electronic suite of end to end supply chain visibility tools.

You do not have to build your supply chain from the ground up, just leverage our extensive experience. Our global infrastructure includes warehouses and manufacturing operations in more than 75 countries. We also have over 200 transportation hubs throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia, Central America, and the Middle East. So from Penang to Portland, Budapest to Beijing, OIA has the resources, the network, and most critically the trained specialists’ right there on site, ready to implement a successful retail or optimization program to the fullest.

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