Solution Engineering

Packing a box may seem like a no-brainer. But not to our highly specialized engineers.

The fact is a poorly packed box can result in wasted space, damaged goods, and added unnecessary expense.

Before we pack a single product, our structural designers rightsize the carton suite for a set of SKUs. In the case of soft goods, say t-shirts, once the box is rightsized and packed, we use compression to eliminate any wasted space.

Rightsizing for hard goods, with their variation in shape and size, presents more of a design challenge. That’s where our structural designers really push the envelope, with new and innovative industry-specific solutions, always striking a careful balance between affordability and product protection.

Thanks to rightsizing, smart structural design, and compression, OIA is able to ensure more SKUs per box, material reduction, more efficient loading, less damage, less waste, and ultimately a lower per-unit cost.