Sustainability in Action

Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

OIA Global works with fully certified partners and programs for sustainability initiatives that minimize environmental impact to provide streamlined production, fulfillment, and scheduling to ensure greater product deliverability and increased marketing and branding opportunities.

  • Confidential Footwear Company

    Confidential Footwear Company

    Between 2011 and 2017, OIA helped a major footwear supplier save 234 trillion grams of fiber, the equivalent of 57,000 fully grown elephants, through packaging optimization.

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  • Garments on Ditto

    Garments on Ditto

    Find out how OIA and Ditto are working together to help companies save up to 20% on shipping, labor, and warehousing costs with 100% recyclable, no waste materials and add up to 50% more product in retail stores.

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  • Thread International

    Thread International

    OIA works closely with Thread International to provide global logistics support and material buy/sell services enabling Thread to create job opportunities in the first mile of their supply chains.

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