Here are a few of the places around the globe where OIA's employees have changed other people's lives for the better.

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Location: OIA London, Klaipeda, Poznan, Moscow, Hamburg, and Paris – March 2018

OIA is proud of our client, Lacoste, who created a limited run of polos during Paris Fashion Week in March 2018 to support of the Save Our Species campaign. Lacoste temporarily replaced the crocodile logo with images of ten endangered species to bring attention to the threat of extinction. Learn more


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Location: Portland, Oregon – August 2018

Members of the Supply Chain Management group volunteered at Portland, Oregon’s Humane Society to provide companionship to animals. Small groups of volunteers are instrumental in helping the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) socialize and prepare animals for new homes. By giving animals the attention and social skill development (petting, grooming, and exercising) they need, animals have a better chance of being adopted


oia global

Location: Villages near Evason Pran Buri, South of Bangkok, Thailand – August 2018

OIA Thailand had their annual outing and community outreach activities August 17th-19th with all eighteen staff members present and fourteen additional family members who joined to supported the cause.

After a day of team building during the gloomy and drizzling weather of monsoon season, the team visited people with special needs in nearby villages. They made time to visit elderly patients who are unable to leave the house, and in some cases those they visited were bedridden. They came bearing presents of daily essentials and monetary donations. These activities may seem simple and meager, but they surely have touched many peoples’ lives



Location: OIA World Headquarters, Portland, Oregon – July 2018

A special thanks to Brit McInnes and Jody Gitten from World Headquarters for starting a program that is sustainable and socially responsible!

Recycling bins have been placed throughout the office for employees to deposit their bottles and cans. A local non-profit organization, Cans for Kids, collects the recycling on a regular basis, working with businesses from all over Portland through The Broomsmen to also provide jobs for adults with disabilities. The money received from recycling the bottles and cans provides funds for orphaned children. For more information, visit Mi Casa or The Broomsmen


Special Olympics Ohio 2x

Location: Cleveland, Ohio – July 2018

OIA Cleveland Office sponsored a team for the annual Special Olympics Ohio Cleveland Plane Pull held at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on Saturday July 14th, 2018. At the Plane Pull, teams of twenty individuals face the ultimate test of strength, to see how fast they can pull a Boeing 737! OIA Cleveland's team came in 14th out 36 teams in the co-ed division.

The Plane Pull is a major fundraiser for Special Olympics Ohio and helps provide year-round sports training and competitive opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.


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Location: Portland, Oregon – May 2018

Members of the Supply Chain Management group volunteered at Portland, Oregon’s Meals on Wheels People. Meals on Wheels mission is to enrich the lives of seniors, and assist them in maintaining independence, by providing nutritious food, human connections, and social support. Additionally, they use their expertise and capacity to serve other nutritionally at-risk populations.

Attendees loved seeing the direct impact of their efforts while packing and prepping meals in the high-paced Meals on Wheels kitchen. The kitchen staff taught perfect saran wrapping skills and precise scooping to ensure consistent results on the prep line. Over 4,000 volunteer hours contribute to 25,000 meals prepared per week. Recipients have a variety of options: vegetarian, diabetic, low sodium, low cholesterol, and ethnic choices to name a few.



Location: Seawaren, New Jersey – May 2018

Rosemary Lewis, OIA-ACE New Jersey Branch Manager, and her family participated in the POAC autism awareness walk in honor of her nephew Nikolas. Their team name was “Footprints for Nikolas.”

New Jersey has the highest rate of autism in the entire country, with 1 out of every 41 children born with autism. This is more than AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined. POAC is dedicated to meeting those needs and is continually expanding to help these children, adults, and their families.

POAC’s mission is to improve the lives of children and adults with autism by providing scientifically-based training to parents, teachers, and other direct service providers. POAC supports ongoing quality research on the causes of autism, its symptoms, prevention, and a potential cure. For more information visit POAC's website.


special olympics oregon logo

Location: Portland, Oregon – April 2018

Our partnership with Special Olympics Oregon is a cornerstone of OIA Global’s community outreach program. Not only do we contribute financially to this great organization, our Bybee Logistics Center manages all their equipment inventory, free of charge. Every year we join business and community leaders in Portland for their “Breakfast with Champions” gala.

This year we enjoyed the inspirational keynote speaker AJ Kitt and Olympic Skier Shawn Hinz. Our thanks to Steve Van Baest, Jay Hemmady, Brit McInnes, Nicholas Schoepp, TJ Blair, John Danielson, Jennifer Martin, Jerry Levy, and Kendra Kurtz for representing OIA. 


2016 BIKE logo

Location: Miami, FL – March 2017

OIA Global's Miami branch members participated in a fundraising event (the largest fundraising bike event in the world), Bike MS: Breakaway to Key Largo, helping to drive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research forward and deliver programs and services to those who face the challenges of MS every day. Team OIA rode 50 miles (124 km) and raised $1,085 USD for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. The fundraising event, overall, raised a total of $961,483.49 USD.