Quality Compliance & Sustainability

Raw Material Quality – Tailored to Fit

Few things are more disruptive than a production line shutdown due to raw material quality. Worse yet is damage to a brand's image when product at retail contains substandard materials. Conversely, brands can pay too much for over-engineered materials at a higher than necessary quality.

Partner with the sourcing experts at OIA to build a supply chain that fits just right with your quality objectives. Whether via OIAs supply base, or your existing tier 2 partners, OIA involvement between factory and supplier ensures raw material quality meets the desired standard. Often our quality compliance experts will inspect raw materials before leaving the supplier. OIA can also facilitate legally binding compliance agreements globally.


In our continued commitment to sustainability, OIA makes it a priority to partner with eco-friendly suppliers and manufacturers. We research the carbon footprint of potential suppliers to determine their environmental friendliness. Do they recycle materials? Do they use reclaimed water? Are their buildings and manufacturing sites LEED certified? We know your customers care about the sustainability of your product, and OIA puts the same care into the materials we source on your behalf.