Price Management

Shrinking margins. Soaring commodity prices. As companies feel the squeeze, it’s no surprise they are looking for new ways to cut costs without compromising quality.

By moving upstream in the supply chain and engaging a sourcing specialist like OIA, it’s possible to achieve greater transparency and cost efficiencies from the get-go. We can leverage your volume as well as ours to maximize purchasing power. And with our focus on transparency, we provide visibility to costs, eliminating factory margin enhancements.

What’s more, our experienced source specialists negotiate on your behalf from a position of knowledge! We prepare trend analysis of component cost drivers to anticipate price fluctuations and time orders and quantities for maximum benefit. We also track the cost of commodities, on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, so we know the market price of a specific raw material and can move quickly to take advantage of market opportunities.

And finally, OIA can deliver price predictability to your brand by simplifying pricing for same product same cost, throughout multiple regions and countries.