Color Management

Consumers, brands, and manufacturers alike recognize the value of consistent color over time and across products.

Color is also a primary driver behind costly quality claims between supplier and factory – which ultimately increase the material price. To ensure quality, reduce the cost of goods, and protect your unique brand image, color uniformity is critical.

OIA’s standardized process assures consistent color regardless of material type from rubber and leather, to textiles, plastics, and retail packaging. We provide supplier color management training, certification, and adoption of a consistent scientific approach using spectrophotometers and light boxes. The spectrophotometer “reads” a color swatch to ensure accurate, objective data, taking the guesswork out of the process. Only after the trained technician analyzes the data and determines that the color passes, is it sent to the factory for production.

The color management process has helped OIA achieve an average material rejection rate of less than .03%, reducing claim-related delays in production and upholding overall brand image with quality materials and consistent color specs.