Warehousing & Distribution Flyer

Let OIA Global add value to your warehousing and distribution operations.

 The warehouse is the supply chain nerve center, sensing and responding to demand, controlling inventory flow, and mediating variability. When change is a constant outside the four walls, tried and true logistics practices on the warehouse floor can make all the difference.

OIA Global’s market-leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Radio Frequency (RF) transactions management offerings serve as the backbone of our distribution architecture. Pairing state-of-the-art technology with domain expertise and process discipline, we become an extension of your enterprise – following your business trajectory wherever it leads.

OIA’s solution suite includes unique parcel shipping solutions, value-added pack services, and retail and direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Whether your business demands a dedicated facility or can benefit from distribution in a multi-tenant environment, OIA can implement a solution with the resources and visibility necessary to fulfill your customer requirements.

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