An Asia-to-US import program enabling retail and direct-to-customer fulfillment

An Asia-to-US import program enabling retail and direct-to-customer fulfillment

case study spot warehouseCustomer Challenge:

Our customer, a global producer of hiking boots and outdoor footwear, was challenged with providing consistent and low-cost order fulfillment directly to North American retailers and customer sales channels. However, the company faced market forces such as port labor issues, and transport capacity fluctuations.

Our Solution:

  • Supplier management program
  • Air and ocean transportation (LCL & FCL)
  • 100,000sq. ft. cross-docking and distribution facility
  • Warehouse optimization program
  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfillment


Customer Benefit:

OIA implemented a metrics and reporting system, managed over 30 Asia vendors, and optimized inbound transportation spending. Labor costs were reduced by 10% at import distribution facility, and created contingency plans for East Coast destinations. With these innovations in place, the company also required less warehouse space.

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