There and back – Vintage cars to Pebble Beach and Shanghai

There and back: Vintage cars to Pebble Beach and Shanghai

Customer Challenge:

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Our client, a Classic Motors company, required a sophisticated compliance solution for the transportation and customs/tax treatment of four rare vintage cars from Germany to the United States and China, and potentially back again. The cars were to be shown at an auction in the United States at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event. Our client needed several customs and tax solutions in place, depending on any potential sales.

Our Solution:

  • Secure loading and lashing at the OIA automotive warehouse in Stuttgart.
  • APs (wooden automotive platform) were used for secure and loading of all cars into (2x) 40'
  • Bookings, organizing the sea freight
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • Dedicated Auto Team management
  • Dedicated enclosed car transporters


Customer Benefit:

We developed a one-stop solution with a single point of contact. OIA put transportation, customs and tax solutions in place for every car’s sale/show status. The team’s attention to detail ensured a trouble and stress-free experience for the owner, event organizers, and buyers alike. After a successful Pebble Beach event, two cars were sold, and the other two continued on to the Bund Classics event in Shanghai before they were finally returned to Germany in pristine condition.

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