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Circuit of the Americas: Getting 27 cars ready for a day at the races

Customer Challenge:

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Thirteen privately owned race teams had the challenge of making sure that 27 full race spec cars worth in excess of $3 million USD were delivered safely to the Circuit of the Americas race track in Austin, Texas. Timing was everything, and even small delays could have proven to be disastrous. In addition, all cars and associated equipment and parts were to be returned to Germany within 72 hours of race completion.

Our Solution:

  • Selection of race track handling companies, airport authorities, customs brokers
  • Dedicated on-site team
  • Chartering of two Boeing 747 freighters
  • Fully supervised loading/offloading processes
  • Build and break of specially designed auto pallets
  • Air units trucked to site on flat-bed truck with ensuring breakdown in the pit lanes


Customer Benefit:

A 100% one-stop solution. Single point of contact throughout the entire project life span. The Automotive Team took care of every single step of the project, making it possible for the customers to focus on the actual racing event. Cars and parts were available trackside precisely when needed, and returned to the race owner in Germany on schedule. OIA’s attention to detail ensured a trouble-free experience for all race teams involved.

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