An out-of-gauge logistics challenge facilitates a new energy source in Southern Europe

case study spot alstromCustomer Challenge:

Our customer had to transport a 113- ton rotor shaft from a factory in Switzerland through mountain passes and tunnels to a hydropower site in northern Italy. This was complicated by different rules for convoy transportation in the two countries, requiring an exchange of vehicles at the border.

Our Solution:

  • Route planning and permit applications
  • Heavy lift and out-of-gauge movements
  • Escorts and convoys
  • Specialized transportation equipment


Customer Benefit:

The customer satisfied significant liability, engineering safety, and product integrity requirements. Surveys, communication with road authorities in both countries and detailed planning ensured the entire operation was completed without incident. To the customer’s great satisfaction, the rotor shaft was safely delivered to its destination. The customer entrusted this project to the OIA Energy Team because of our proven history of delivering complex projects on time and on budget.

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