Retail & Lifestyle

OIA’s ocean product maintains a 2% rolling ratio, a notably high standard within retail logistics.

Industries we serve

Retail Logistics: Fashion, Apparel, & Footwear 

E-commerce Supply Chain Management  

Consumer Goods Warehousing & Distribution 

Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Packaging Design (Retail & transportation)

With a suite of end-to-end retail logistics solutions, OIA enables your business to concentrate on what it does best: producing and selling attractive products. We address your specific needs, whether it’s e-commerce supply chain management, specialized handling for fragile items, or cross-border consumer goods distribution. 

We recognize that retail and lifestyle companies often experience demand fluctuations, especially during promotions, seasonal campaigns, or peak season, so OIA’s retail logistics solutions are designed to minimize delays, optimize delivery routes, and ensure that products reach their destination promptly.

OIA offers the professionalism and efficacy of a global organization, but with the accessibility and communication of a smaller one. As your true supply chain partner, we can scale our retail logistics solutions to match your evolving business needs, all without sacrificing quality or reliability. OIA’s industry-leading customer experience is more than just a vision, it’s a passion.

Unlike most competitors, OIA also offers an in-house packaging design team that engineers 350+ innovative projects each year. This award-winning team guides customers from the conceptual stage toward polished, supply-chain-ready product packaging for both retail and transportation. At OIA, we recognize that sustainability begins at the source, is refined in packaging, and continues throughout transportation management. We’re ready to become your trusted supply chain partner wherever your business may operate. 

  • Packaging design (retail & transportation)  
  • Omnichannel retailing & e-commerce supply chain management 
  • Impact ESG at multiple points in the supply chain  
  • One-stop solution including upstream management  
  • Real-time shipment visibility  
  • Contract logistics services (warehousing, inventory management, etc.)  
  • Multi-channel consumer goods distribution  
  • Last-mile delivery  

It’s time to do more with your supply chain.