• Sustainability is integral to OIA Global's corporate mission.

    We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and developing comprehensive solutions to help customers reduce theirs.

  • OIA's unique logistics, warehousing, distribution and packaging design expertise sets it apart from competitors. Unlike larger, single-model logistics companies, we:

    Sustainability-2-icons 03benchmark your environmental footprint

    Sustainability-2-icons 07recommend and implement programs tailored to your supply chain's unique needs

    Sustainability-2-icons 10provide flexibility for meeting nearly any supply chain challenge with our team of experts

    Sustainability-2-icons 14report measurements critical to a successful sustainability program


  • Although many supply chain managers focus primarily on fiber reduction objectives, OIA's sustainability program goes far beyond counting trees.

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    With our reach into freight forwarding, warehousing, and supply chain management, we can evaluate the total global impact of the supply chain including such things as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and particulate 10 matter that challenge our environment.

    SPC logo webAs a proud member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, we view it as our responsibility to help educate our clients and the public about all "chain of custody" impacts on energy and material consumption as well as the harmful emissions generated by a supply chain.

Is your sustainability program profitable?

Sustainability isn’t just a marketing advantage, it can be a financial one too.

Here are some examples of sustainability programs we’ve helped our customers develop:

  • A major footwear company adopted an OIA packaging design reducing the amount of material used and enabling more SKUs to fit into shipping containers. The carbon footprint was reduced as well as transport and packaging costs.
  • A group of apparel manufacturers utilized the OIA electronic “eco index” tool and can now measure the environmental effects of their entire manufacturing, sale, and waste disposal activities
  • A big box retailer reduced origin transport costs and by using OIA’s environmentally friendly USA manufactured diesel trucks, enhanced their sustainability program at the front of the supply chain

It surprises us how many industries see sustainability as simply being a good corporate citizen or meeting the standards of outside environmental organizations. There was once a time that sustainability was assumed to be synonymous with increased costs. Today, a comprehensive sustainability program can be a huge source of cost savings. Profitable sustainability has two major components; establishment of metrics and the ability evaluate all aspects of the buy-make-sell process. At OIA, this comprehensive approach is the cornerstone to all our customer’s sustainability solutions. These are just some of the milestones OIA provides…

  • Benchmark your global transportation and packaging programs
  • Maximize cube utilization, storage capacity and container efficiencies
  • Source recycled content, FSC certified or recyclable content
  • Increase packaging strength while reducing total packaging weight
  • Minimize transportation miles
  • Reduce fuel and water consumption

Outdoor-Industry-AssociationOIA is a contributing expert to the Outdoor Industry Association's "ECO INDEX" and the Sustainable Packaging Association's "COMPASS" tools. Both groundbreaking environmental assessment tools are designed to advance sustainability practices for consumer product brands worldwide. OIA uses these tools as part of its benchmarking and measuring analysis for our customers' environmental footprints, and for driving sustainability improvements and recommending informed sourcing and product life cycle decisions.


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