Garments on Ditto
Garments on Ditto redefines shipping garments on hangers and makes it far more efficient, cost effective and brings multiple retailing and marketing add-ons not possible with the old GOH programs.

GOD chart

  • Saves up to 20% on shipping / labor / warehousing costs across the entire GOH shipping chain
  • Fits up to 50% more clothing on retail displays increasing sales per retail square foot
  • Powerful new branding and marketing tools that customers can touch and take home
  • Fully customizable hanger designs for brand awareness and direct customer messaging
  • 100% recyclable at store level or consumer curbside recycling programs – Zero Waste!
  • Fully certified partners and programs for sustainability initiatives
  • Collaborative, global logistics program designed to provide streamlined production,  fulfillment, and scheduling

For more information on sustainable retail tools that communicate visit Ditto Brand Solutions

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